Values and company culture

Values and company culture

Alongside our premium products, our employees and team notably represent the core pillars of our business. All Pernod Ricard employees are also proud ambassadors who honour our values of friendliness, entrepreneurship, and responsibility.

Our values

We are helpful and friendly not only to each other but also to our environment. A friendly and respectful atmosphere contributes to achieving our goals and also makes the world a better and more pleasant place to live in for us all.

We are entrepreneurial and welcome every challenge we face. As the world’s current number two, we are continuously aiming higher in order to achieve our goal of becoming the market leader in wines and spirits. Our decentralised leadership style contributes to this objective, allowing us all room for innovation and sustainable growth.

We are responsible and respectful to each other and our surroundings. We make sure that each of us abides by the rules of ethics, acting transparently and with respect for our planet.