Sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are key areas of our corporate strategy. Our 2030 plan, entitled “Good Times from a Good Place”, presents four pillars that address all aspects of our business: Soil Protection, Respect for People, Production Cycle, and Responsible Consumption. Each of these pillars sets ambitious goals to drive innovation, differentiate brands, and attract new, talented people.

Soil conservation (Nurturing Terroir)

All of our products reflect the character of the country in which they are produced. And that is why soil conservation is a deep concern of ours; nature itself gives us the most important ingredients needed to create our iconic products with their unmistakable taste. Together with our partners and suppliers, we care for each piece of land and its biodiversity, developing standards for sustainable agriculture and responding to climate change. All this is done to ensure quality resources both for ourselves as well as future generations.

Respect for people (Valuing People)

People are at the heart of everything we do at Pernod Ricard. Following our motto “Créateurs de convivialité”, we support diversity, promote fairness, and show respect for all employees and partners.

Production cycle (Circular Making)

We are aware that certain resources are limited, and so we strictly minimise their waste. Throughout our production, we apply five key principles: rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect. We have implemented a comprehensive sorting system at our production plant in Karlovy Vary. Every year, more than 98% of all waste generated here gets recycled. The same sophisticated system is used in our offices too.

Responsible consumption (Responsible Hosting)

Our products play a very valuable role in society: they bring people together and delight them with extraordinary experiences and the joy of life. As value social responsibility, we actively fight overconsumption, focusing on the customer and consumer education as well as teaching them to make responsible choices. Together with our partners, we implement a number of projects aimed at minimising the negative impact of excessive alcohol consumption.