Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the main focuses of the Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka corporate strategy. In a long-term perspective, we focus on raising awareness among our customers and consumers, protecting the environment, and developing social, cultural and community life in the regions where we operate.

Responsible Drinking

Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka is driven by its own Code for commercial communications. It is also a member of the Union of Spirits Producers and Importers (UVDL), which uses its “Drink Responsibly” platform to implement a number of projects aimed at minimizing the negative effects of the excessive consumption of alcohol (for example projects aimed at preventing drink-driving, campaigns to increase awareness about alcohol-related risks during pregnancy, education of young people and their parents, etc.).

As a member of UVDL, we are a signatory of the Ethical Code which provides for stricter ethical business rules governing alcohol producers than those set by the applicable Czech legislation, and complies with the Code of the Czech Advertising Standards Council. Beyond our obligations, we have included warnings for pregnant women on the secondary labels of Becherovka and all of the other brands of our company.

One of our own activities that we implement to support responsible alcohol drinking is the Responsible Parties project. It targets music clubs and discotheques with the aim of informing young people and students about the principles of responsible alcohol drinking. Another regular activity is Responsib´All Day, a day devoted to raising awareness and educating employees.  It is always held at all Pernod Ricard affiliates on the same date and its agenda focuses on prevention and self-regulation. 

The Wise Drinking Mobile App

In 2014, the Pernod Ricard Group developed a mobile app titled “Wise Drinking”. Consumers can use it to run a simple test regarding their alcoholic drinks consumption. The only thing they have to do is to enter the following data into the app:

  • Types of alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, spirits),
  • The amount of alcohol consumed,
  • Weight, age and gender.

Thanks to a localization system, the app evaluates the entered data according to local laws and recommends suitable means of transport to the consumer. In addition, it also allows users to record and analyse their alcohol consumption over a longer period of time (up to four weeks).

The “Wise Drinking” app for iOS and Android is available in 37 languages, including Czech and Slovak. You can download it free of charge at:

The Integrated Management System Policy

Our company produces and provides products and services of the highest quality without compromising the tradition of Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka customer care. We ensure our employees’ health and safety protection and the safety of our products as well as taking an environmentally friendly approach.

Environmental Protection

We pay continuous attention to our operations to minimise possible effect on the environment. As early as in 2008, the whole company was certified according to international standard ISO 14001:2004 – environmental system management. We also observe international standards in the areas of quality management and work and product safety.

As regards environmental protection, we focus in particular on the following:

Waste Separation and Prevention

We have introduced a comprehensive waste separation system at our production plant in Karlovy Vary. We annually recycle more than 98 % of the total waste generated there. The same elaborate system also functions in our offices.

Air and Water Protection

Our main focus is to minimize the consumption of energies which influence the direct or indirect emission of greenhouse gases. Every year, we set specific goals to reduce energy consumption and plan our investments in order to support projects that lead to meet these goals. We have implemented a modern wastewater treatment method ensuring minimum water consumption and therefore also the minimum production of waste water.

Emergency Preparedness in Handling Chemical Substances

During production processes, our employees handle Class I and Class II combustible substances which could cause – in case of leakage to the environment – possible damage. Therefore, security systems – intercepting traps and emergency pits, detectors of alcohol vapours, fire and explosion prevention devices, etc. are installed throughout the entire area of the production plant. They ensure that the environment will not be endangered in the case of the leakage of chemical substances. The whole system is regularly reviewed and evaluated.

Utilization of Environmentally  Friendly Packaging Materials

In designing packaging for our products, we ensure that we select materials which make recycling as simple as possible. We use easily recyclable glass bottles and produce our gift packages from a single material only. The recycling of the packaging that our company supplies to the market or puts into circulation is dealt with pursuant to Act No. 477/2001 Coll., on packaging. The whole process is managed by the authorized packaging company EKO-KOM.

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