Havana Club

Havana Club

Havana Club, the leading Cuban rum in Cuba and in the world, embodies the heritage and supremacy of the Cuban rum-making tradition. Relying on the unique know-how of its Maestros Roneros, Havana Club has kept alive the art of anejamiento : the art of distilling, ageing and blending premium rums. The name "Havana Club" captures Cuba’s rum-making heritage and the unique atmosphere of Havana, the country’s capital. Havana Club is closely entwined with Cuban culture, and Cubans take pride in what has become a true national icon.

Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos is a three year old Cuban rum. Its light taste is the result of the artistry of Maestros Roneros and the warm Cuban climate. This contributes to the unique aroma and makes it an ideal ingredient for mixed drinks. Premium cocktails such as Mojitos, Cuba Libres or Daiquiris simply can’t do without it.

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