Professional Development

Jan Becher – Karlovarská Becherovka: an Ideal Place for Development

We see one of our strongest competitive advantages in our employees. Their professional and personal development is very important to us. Therefore, each of our employees has their own personalized development plan which has been drawn up to comply exactly with their individual needs.

For New Employees

To facilitate the adaptation process for our new employees, we organise a special two-day programme called “Becherovka in Detail” during the first three months of their employment.

The first day of the programme takes place in Prague. Here, new employees are acquainted with operations at all of the company’s key departments as well as all important processes.

On the second day, the programme moves to Karlovy Vary where new employees learn other important information. Additionally, they also visit our production plant and Jan Becher Museum.

For Permanent Employees

We aim at continuously motivating our staff and providing them with space to grow. Each of our employees regularly meets their superior so that they can together identify further areas regarding the employee’s own professional development.

Our offer of development-related activities for permanent employees includes the following possibilities:

  • External training and courses tailor-made to meet the needs of our employees (language courses; managerial academies; training in soft skills – negotiating, time management, etc.; technical training; legislative training, etc.)
  • Internal mentoring
  • Internal forums
  • Internal programme for talents and successors
  • Coaching (for senior managers)
  • Exchange internships at other affiliates of Pernod Ricard