Lillet wine is produced according to a secret recipe, which involves macerating the fruit in brandy for a period of 4 to 6 months. The wine thus constitutes 85% of the drink, with the rest a blend of 10 different fruit concentrates, including the peel of Spanish and Moroccan oranges and green oranges from Haiti. After mixing with the fruit concentrates, the wine is left to mellow for another 6 months. With the exception of a certain amount of quinine from the Peruvian cinchona, no herbs or spices are used to produce Lillet. The alcohol content is 17 %. Lillet is offered in three variations – Blanc, Rouge and Rose. All three kinds of Lillet are made in the same manner but from different varieties of grape.

Lillet Blanc is a wine-based aperitiv, produced in Podensac, a small village near to Bordeaux.

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