Becherovka Unfiltered

Becherovka Unfiltered

Tasty, traditional and high quality alcohol beverage. Those who drink Becherovka won’t be surprised that this favourite Czech classic is 100% natural product without any artificial preservatives, colouring or emulsifiers. It’s just pure Carlsbad water, high quality alcohol, natural sugar and very specific, harmonic mix of herbs and spices. This mix recipe has been kept secret for more than 200 years!

Becherovka Unfiltered is premium herbal liqueur, part of the iconic Becherovka family. It"s a unique product without any chemical preservatives, colorants, artificial substances or emulsifiers. Made of pure water from the Bohemian region, high quality spirits and a select array of herbs and spices. It has a natural and rich flavor that makes it perfect to either drink neat or mixed in your favorite cocktail recipe. Bottled at 38% ABV.

Obsah publikovaný na této stránce je určen pouze osobám starším 18 let.

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